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'Covers of published books worked on'

The Celtic World
By: Patrick Lavin

"My trusted editor and good friend, I wish to thank Ann Westlake, a skilled professional, whose perceptive editing smoothed out the rough edges." (1999)

Arizona: An Illustrated Story
By: Patrick Lavin

"To edit this work, I chose Ann Westlake, an accomplished editor, whose penetrating critic smoothed out the rough edges. Thank you ever so much." (2001)

Celtic Ireland West of the River Shannon
By: Patrick Lavin

"Ann - May the sun always shine on your doorstep!" (2004)

The Best Possible Wedding Gift
By: Mary & Austin Hennessey

"No book would ever see the light of day without a skilled editor. Our heartfelt thanks go to our editor, Ann Westlake, for being gentle and incisive, encouraging and timely." (2004)

It's Bedtime, Joshua!
By: Karen Keller, M.D.


Message to America
By: Jogi Dhillon

"A big thank you to my editor Ann Westlake. She went through the book with me, page by page giving the correct advice I needed." (2005)

Lost In The Supermarket
By: Christine Richmond & Anna Richmond

"Thanks for all your help with this book. We look forward to working with you again on future projects." (2007)

How To Organize Successful Charity Golf Tournaments
By: Pat Cash

"Thanks for everything, Ann." (2007)

Caught in the Bog
By: Christine Richmond & Anna Richmond

"Thanks for all your help...until the next one." (2008)

Going Places
By: Fran Hurcomb

"Thanks Ann for your editing and encouragement." (2008)

Christ's Healing Touch For Addictions
By: Chaplain Steve Bradley

"Thank you for your kind words and encouragement while
editing my thoughts and confusion into a manuscript that
makes perfect sense." (2009)
The Land of The Butterflies
By: Laurie Bergen

"Thank you very much for your help and guidance. You have taught me some valuable skills." (2009)
The Hudson Beavers and the New Neighbourhood
By: Barbara Heim

"My editor, Ann Westlake, was a pillar of wisdom, patience,
and encouragement. Without her tutelage ... this would
be a manuscript in my desk." (2009)
Imagine: Ideas that Challenge the Status Quo
By: Alex Sangha

"Thank you for your excellent edit. I will use your
services again." (2010)
The Dirty Money Trap
By: Lloyd Gordon

"Thanks, Ann, for your eagle eye, creative suggestions, and
kid gloves in turning me around and pointing me in a better direction. You made it fun." (2010)
Lessons for Ashley
By: Lois Robertson Riley

"Thank you, Ann, for being such a vital part of
this first (of many?) projects!" (2010)

Fugatives at the Mouth of Pearl River
By: Serena Leung

"With many thanks for your help." (2010)

Soulful Celebrations (Edition 1)
By: Rae Ann Charalambous & Jean Jacobsen

"We wish to extend a special thank you to our editor Ann Westlake for her excellent editing skills, enthusiasm, and belief in our book, and her sound advice for suggesting that we should organize our voluminous manuscript into two special editions." (2010)

Soulful Celebrations (Edition 2)
By: Rae Ann Charalambous & Jean Jacobsen

"Thanks for all your help." (2010)

Seeds of Teaching Success
By: Coplys Gohagen

"Thank you for your encouragement
and support." (2010)
Who's Talking? Who's Listening?
By: Barbara Joy

"I really appreciate your willingness and ability to honestly communicate. Thanks, Ann." (2010)

A Journey with Daisy
By: Sandra Johnston

"I am very grateful to Ann who gave me guidance
and female nutritional support, as well as exercising
her excellent editing skills." (2010)

Power of Five - The Celtic Stone
By: Arlene Elliott

"Your editing pushed me into writing more detail and flushing out the storyline." (2011)

Taste The Mediterranean (Sahteen) - Vol. 1
By: Andam Barqawi

"Ann, my editor, who helped launch the production
of my book." (2011)

Out of the Black Pot
By: Giuseppe Gandola

"Thank you, Ann, for unravelling the pages in the "shoebox"
and making sense of it. Your encouragement gave me the
push to write further and finally bring my book to
completion." (2011)

Cool-Doo (Book 1)
By: Andrew Feng & Peter Feng

"Thanks a lot, Ann. You made our dream come true!" (2011)

The Narcissist's Vocation and the Economic Debacle
By: Greg Horsman

"Thank you for your kindness and support!" (2011)

Take Charge and Change Your Life Today
By: Trevor Bolin

"Thank you to Ann who let me do what I know
and took care of the rest!" (2011)

The Modern Thinker
By: Alex Sangha

"Thank you Ann. You did a thorough professional job and really
polished my book to a higher standard." (2012)

Objectivism Lost And An Age of Disillusionment
By: Greg Horsman

"Thank you, Ann, for your continued support." (2012)

Maggie's Dream - Escape from Ireland
By: Margaret F. Williams

"To my dear editor and good friend, Ann Westlake, who guided
and helped me patiently through the process of getting my
first novel into print." (2012)

Natural Pain Management
By: Guy Chamberland, M.Sc., Ph.D., Herbalist

"Thank you very much for your kind support and guidance through
the editorial and printing process. Your professionalism was very
appreciated and made the process go smoothly." (2012)

Toronto... City of Winners
By: Walter Cooke


Evolutionary Economics and Equality: An Age of Enlightenment
By: Greg Horsman

"Ann - Your recommendations and continued
support are most appreciated." (2013)

Stop Kissing Me, Mommy!
By: Nadine Chevolleau

"Thanks, Ann, for helping make this book a reality!" (2013)

The Core - Book 1 "Hosting"
By: David Skinner

"Ann was easy to work with, and always professional.
She made the editing process transparent and supportive
for this first time author." (2013)

"The Hudson Beavers Build A Lodge" Book 2
By: Barbara Heim

"Thank you, Ann, for continuing to provide professional
and creative direction." (2013)

"Everything's Coming Up Clover"
By: Dora Preston

"Thanks, Ann, for your encouraging support, your skilled and
crafty eye, and keeping this project on task. You have been
a vital part of this journey and I will be forever grateful." (2013)

FINALIST Winner in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Humour/Comedy category

Happy, Healthy Gut
By: Jennifer Browne

"Ann was pivotal in my success getting published. Her thoughtful,
conscientious, and knowledgeable edits and recommendations made all
the difference when presenting my manuscript to potential buyers. Thank
God for great editors! Thanks so much, Ann!" (2014)

Raising Great Parents
By: Beverley Cathcart-Ross, Doone Estey and Martin Nash, MD

"Thank you for your encouragement and keen assistance
getting our manuscript finely tuned." (2014)

The Dark Side Of The Rainbow
By: Caren Powell

"Ann...ensured that my manuscript was structurally sound, strengthened my story and smoothed out the rough edges. Although she challenged me, she always made me feel confident and proud of my work. It was a wonderful experience working with Ann. She was efficient, does what she promises and goes the extra mile." (2014)

Blackie Dragon and Happy Dreams
By: Caren Powell

"Ann... Sweet Dreams!" (2014)

Infectious Behaviour
By: Ron S. North

"Thanks for all your help with the book! Couldn't
have done it without you." (2014)

Wawa Goose - Meeting at Fort Friendship
By: Raymond MacDonnell

"Thank you, Ann, not only for your editing skills and
helpful suggestions but also for your enthusiasm...I look
forward to working with you again." (2014)

Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film
By: Gayle Nix Jackson

"Thank you for your hard work, Ann!" (2014)

The Core - Book 2 "Swords & Symmetry"
By: David Skinner

"Besides being a good editor, Ann's positive comments helped me
overcome the doubts that were assailing me. Without her, my novels
would never have been published." (2014)

Essence of Existence
By: Paul Roman

"Ann, thank you for your efficient and prompt help." (2014)

Forbidden - Book 1 of The Wild Sky Saga
By: Tanna Marie Angers

"Ann, my characters thank you. They were probably jumping for
joy when I found you. You know exactly what you're doing,
and I consider it a privilege working with you." (2015)

Galon The Northern Pintail Duck
By: Pam Egbert

"To my favorite editor in the entire world!
Thank you, Ann, for everything." (2015)

Can I Always Come Back Home?
By: Christine Cruz

"Ann, speaking with you was like talking with an old friend.
Thank you very much for your encouragement and guidance.
I can't wait until our next adventure." (2015)

Family Lies - Book 2 of The Seven Knights Series
By: Jim Spencer

"Ann, it was a long, but oh so successful journey." (2016)

Be Still - A Simple Solution for Tremendous Trials
By: James Ervin II

"Thank you so much Ann. I could have never
done this without you." (2016)

My Father's Swords
By: Dave Skinner

"Ann is always a pleasure to work with.  She is a true
professional who cares about her customers. This is the
third book she has edited for me." (2016)

The Silver Heart
By: Samantha Sheridan

"I love working with Ann. She felt the characters I had
written, and edited my manuscript to keep all
their feelings." (2016)

ABC Questions
By: Christine Cruz

"Ann, it has been a pleasure working with you once again.
I look forward to our next adventure!" (2016)

Wicked Soul Ascension
By: C.B. Dixon

"Thank you, Ann, for all the fantastic help.  
You're a wonderful editor.  I'm looking
forward to the many years ahead of us." (2016)

Angelina's Secret
By: Diane Merrill Wigginton

"I can always count on your honest opinion and advice,
for which I am grateful. You are the best editor for
me, and have made me a better writer." (2017)

Isabella's Heart
By: Diane Merrill Wigginton

"Thank you, Ann, for your loving friendship and help." (2017)

The Adventures of Sam and Andy: Grandpa's Sad
By: AJ Larsback

"Thank you to my editor, Ann Westlake, for leading me
through this wonderful journey, for all your knowledge, help
and encouragement. For any authors looking for an editor
I would truly recommend Ann." (2017)

Olivia's Promise
By: Diane Merrill Wigginton

"To Ann, with love and devotion.  I have come to consider
you a good friend and have enjoyed our interations when
editing my Jeweled Daggar Series." (2017)

By: Dave Skinner


Sudden Arrival: Sudden Departure
The Twin Left Behind

By: Ann Westlake

This is my own book. (2017)

The Adventures of Sam and Andy:
A Rainy Day at Grandma's House
By: AJ Larsback

“MY first book Ann helped all the way and this one,
being my second book, she let me find some
independence.” (2017)

Voices from the Cardboard Castle:
Twelve Tales of Fiction 

By: Ernest Paul Murray



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