New Authors

    If you are considering writing a book, you are embarking on an often long and complicated process. But one that is very fulfilling! If you are already in the process of writing a book, you are ahead of those who consider, but never do! If you have completed your first manuscript, congratulations! Not everyone will get where you are. However, now you will be full of questions...

    What do I do now?

    Can I send it out to a publisher now? Who do I send it to?

    Do I have to get it edited?

    How do I do that?

    Who do I send it to?

    Do I go with a traditional publishing house? or a Self Publishing company?

    What is the difference?

    Do I need an agent? Aren't they expensive?

    Who does the promotion and marketing? Can I help? How?

    What if I'm just wanting my book for the family Treasure Chest or book shelf?

    What are the costs for each step? and how many steps are there?

    Do I need a web site, or not? What is the advantage to having one? Is it expensive?

    You will want to rely on, and get help in some, or all, of these areas from a professional who has experience and expertise, up- to-date marketing information, contact names and numbers to help coach you, the New Author, through this new and exciting process. The help you need is all available through Writer's Cramp Editing Consultants "New Author" consulting service. I will streamline a package for you that fits your individual needs, based on your budget, decisions and timing.

    Click on the "Contact Us" tab, then call or email to start getting answers to your publishing questions!


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