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This section includes some tips to help reduce your time and cost for the editing process. (New Authors please refer to "New Authors" page)

  1. Proofread your work before you submit it to an editor so that they are seeing the cleanest work you can provide. Catch your own spelling mistakes and common punctuation errors, rather than paying me to do it.
  2. A completed manuscript always provides an even read and takes less time to edit.
  3. Send me a writing sample consisting of 2-3 pages showing text and dialogue, working title, total word count and genre for an evaluation. I will base any quote required on this information.
  4. Make sure that your manuscript / story is properly formatted for submission. Reading books about writing from your local library will provide valuable publishing information that will increase the chances of your work being read, as well as reduce the cost of editing.
  5. Check into any traditional publishers that you are considering submitting your work to, and obtain a copy of the "Publisher's Guidelines" before submitting any work. If your work doesn't match their guidelines, they won't even look at it.
  6. All work being sent must be double spaced, have the correct margins, include page numbers and font sizes no smaller than 11.  Pull all chapters together and delete any line spacing between paragraphs to reduce the white space.  If emailing manuscripts, please use Microsoft Word document formatting.
  7. Any work sent for editing must have a cheque for the agreed upon fee or submit an e-Transfer.  If you are using Canada Post or couriers, please record your tracking numbers. 
  8. Personal cheques, money orders, bank drafts or e-Transfers are accepted.  PayPal is not accepted. Work will begin when the full payment is received and a scheduled start date is agreed upon.


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