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Sudden Arrival: Sudden Departure
The Twin Left Behind,
a True Story of Loss and Rebirth

When you lose a loved one, you grieve. We all do. It’s part of what we experience, and what people expect. Where do you turn for help? Professional help? Only if you can afford it. Books? That’s what I was told to do. Read – there are lots of books written on grieving.  And I was told to write down my feelings. But I couldn’t, they were too raw.
    But what happens when you lose a twin – an identical twin? There weren’t any books, anywhere!   
    Until now.


“Ann weaves a beautiful love story about life, death and everything in between, as she shares who and what helped her on her personal journey through grief after the death of her identical twin sister, Kathy. This book reminds us that it is never too late to take the time to honor our own stories.”

Asya Hadzismajlovic
Executive Director
BC Bereavement Helpline

"Ann Westlake’s book Sudden Arrival: Sudden Departure is truly written from the heart. She shares with her readers the terrible pain and grief experienced with the loss of an identical twin and the long and difficult road to coping with her loss. To most people the loss of a parent or sibling is traumatic enough to deal with, yet when that person is a twin the loss takes on additional pain that most of us don’t experience or are even aware of.

So often we are told to write our feelings down in a journal as a way of dealing with our pain. For the author this book is in a sense her journal. By sharing her experience and grief of losing her twin sister, this book will help many others cope with the loss of a loved one.

This book is for everyone; yes, it would give hope to a grieving twin. Yet, we have all lost loved ones and by sharing her feeling and experiences we can all relate to what she is saying and begin the healing process whether those feelings are current or in our past."

Rod Brebner, Owner/Publisher/Editor (Retired)
The Meaford Express and The Thornbury Courier-Herald


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