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Writers can rely on me for fair, honest text evaluation to help pass that "is it ready yet?" phase.

Contact me for quotes for:

  • Writing / publishing consultation
  • Publication co-ordination
  • Manuscript evaluation - constructive, unbiased analysis of your completed manuscript and suggestions on the value of the manuscript in today's markets.
  • Copy editing - review of a finished manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation and style consistency, plot completeness (no unanswered questions or unresolved plot lines), accuracy and format. This stage can also include reworking of hard to read passages, consistency of number sequencing, and making of Tables of Contents or Indexing. This does not include rewriting or reorganizing.
  • Style editing - suggestions for clarity of meaning, sentence structure, conciseness, directness, active voice rather than passive, checking for fluidity of sentence and paragraph structure, correct text, dialogue and paragraph blocking, specific characterization and expression throughout the manuscript.
  • Substantive editing - includes copy editing, style editing as well as suggestions for reorganizing, eliminating wordiness, review of content for accuracy and logic, and ensuring proper tone and approach for the intended audience from the front cover to the back cover and everything in between.  As style and copy editing are included, this stage is the most extensive.
  • Market targeting - using up-to-date marketing tools to suggest possible submission to traditional publishing market contact names and information on artwork, photos etc.
  • Web site content editing - before launching a new web site, have your content editted. This is as important as your manuscript, as it will probably be the public's first impression of your writing.Your web designer will only input your content, not edit it.
  • Writing instruction - private and group writing lessons available.
  • Editing instruction - private and group editing lessons available.

Please make sure that you read the page titled TIPS before requesting a quote, or sending your manuscript.

I have many excellent contacts for book cover design/interior layout, publishers, e-books, and website design. Please advise if you are interested in these services.


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