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Deadline: November 15, 2017    
Entry Qualifications:

 Contest Rules:

    1. Completed, previously unpublished manuscripts edited by Writer’s Cramp Editing Consultants between January 1, 2016 and November 15, 2016. (Those not completely edited must be considered far enough along to be at a point of comparison.)
    2. If edit completion by the contest deadline  is not possible because of author delay, the manuscript will automatically move to the next year for consideration.
    3. Must go through all edits including galley proof to qualify.
    4. Writer’s Cramp Editing Consultants retains full and final decision on all aspects of the contest.
    5. Notification of the winner will be in January 2018.

Children’s Books / Young Readers
Fiction –  Drama
Historical Fiction / Fantasy
Science Fiction
Non Fiction – Memoires
Self Help, Cook Books, Calendars
Personal Growth

1st Place 2017 "Editor's Pick":
Will this be you?

1st Place 2016 "Editor's Pick":
David Skinner: "My Father's Sword" Series Book 1

1st Place 2015 "Editor's Pick":
Pam Egbert: "Galon The Northern Pintail Duck" Series Book 1

1st Place 2014 "Editor's Pick":
Caren Powell: "The Dark Side of The Rainbow"

1st Place 2013 "Editor's Pick":
Dora Preston: "Everything's Coming Up Clover"

1st Place 2012 "Editor's Pick":
Margaret F. Williams: "Maggie's Dream - Escape from Ireland"

1st Place 2011 "Editor's Pick":
Greg Horsman: "The Narcissist's Vocation - The Economic Debacle"

1st Place 2010 "Editor's Pick":
Sandra C. Johnston Ph.D.: "A Journey with Daisy: Belonging is a Blessing"


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